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Ever wonder what it takes to write programs for your PDA? I did, and so now I am beginning a journey to try my hand at writing something for the PalmOS. SuperWaba, a variation of Java for the PDA, is my language of choice. And I'm a novice, which makes it all the more unpredictable. Hope you'll come along for the ride! Note: You can read multiple posts on one page if you click on an archive link.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

ED: Tutorial Purchase Adventure

I did it. I placed an order for SuperWaba tutorials. They are supposed to be available immediately after a credit card purchase. Why did I ever think it would be that easy????

I only got one email from the order processing company that said the order was received. I was promised another soon that would indicate the order was processed (or not if there was a problem). Another email never arrived. And when I sent a follow-up email as suggested if anything went wrong, I expected at least an automated response to assure me I would be taken care of. No response.

All kinds of thoughts race through my mind.... Is it a scam? Did I make any typos? What chance do I have of getting my money back? How much hassle is this going to be?

One of the bad omens right from the start was a bold and flashing text (yes flashing! I kid you not!) at the beginning of the order process warning me that I might lose my money if I type in the wrong email address. If I hadn't wanted so much to get the tutorials, I would have probabaly backed out of the whole thing right there! Maybe I should have?

UPDATE: That was "yesterday". Today I went digging. I sent another follow-up email. Nothing happened. So I went to the processing main url at to see if I could find out anything, and get an idea of how worried I should be. Fortunately, it looked like a legitimate web site. I dug some more and found they have some customer support contact options (which I've listed below in case anyone else has problems -- the information was NOT given anywhere in the ordering or follow-up process, so unless you dug into you would not find it).

After about 15mins of hold while listening to what sounded like a low-quality 1 min song loop, I got a human voice. What a grand relief! He got hold of his supervisor, who determined that my email address had been flagged as suspicious. I guess when an order is suspicious, it gets ignored? At any rate, they released it manually, it seems to have gone through because I have a confirmation email now.

A check on the site shows that I have rights to download. I transferred them onto my PC and I'm good to go. What's in them? The UI tutorial has a 61pp .pdf document plus a bunch of sample code.

Time to start digging in a bit more. See you next time! 

Please note that this information is off the regsoft page, so I can only say that it's apparently valid as of today... July 17, 2004.

How can I reach can reach in a number of convenient ways:

E-mail: By far the fastest and best way to contact us. We read our e-mail on a very active basis. Kindly send comments to our representative at
Phone: You may reach us by phone at in the United States at, 1-877-734-7638 or at 1-770-319-2718.
FAX: 1-770-497-9234
Mail: You may also reach us by sending a letter to: Inc.9625 West 76th Street, Suite 150 Eden PrairieMN 55344


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