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Ever wonder what it takes to write programs for your PDA? I did, and so now I am beginning a journey to try my hand at writing something for the PalmOS. SuperWaba, a variation of Java for the PDA, is my language of choice. And I'm a novice, which makes it all the more unpredictable. Hope you'll come along for the ride! Note: You can read multiple posts on one page if you click on an archive link.

Monday, July 12, 2004

ED: Oh no... I'm a SuperWaba Outcast!

Well, I'm starting to feel like an outcast already. I've posted my Clie-specific SJ33 issues on the SuperWaba newsgroup. I don't wnat to jump to conclusions, but I'm getting the feel that the grand and friendly community spirit doesn't seem to exist in the Superwaba world like it does for the Palm community in general. My post to the SuperWaba newsgroup (assuming I posted it correctly) has attracted no comment. I would have appreciated even a rebuke for posting badly! Indtead my poor post just sits there ignored like the whimpy looking kid on the playground while teams are being picked for football. Maybe my post makes me look like a leper, and I just don't know enough yet to realize it.

But when I take a look at reality for the moment, SuperWaba is the only "real" game in town (so far), and I have this unexplainable desire to torment myself with Java, so I have decided to continue onward. And despite feeling a bit unwelcome, I can't believe that the SuperWaba commuity is full of unkind and uninterested individuals. Maybe they just don't care about novices. Maybe my posting was considered off-topic (I wish someone would just say so.) Or maybe my post was just not interesting or politically correct. I guess I might never find out.

At any rate, and as best I can tell, that leaves me with just a few choices:
* Switch midstream to a more "Mainstream" development environment like NS Basic or CodeWarrior C.
* Replace my Clie with something Palm like a Tungsten E. (I can see the dollars flowing out of my pocket from this experiment already.... T|E, accessories, storage card, software, tutorials for SuperWaba, professional version of MobileCreator, etc) This "free" SuperWaba thing is not turning out to be so "free" for me!
* Take my Palm and go home because no one wants to play with me. Well, I'm a bit offended, but I'm not quite that goofy. My desire to program hasn't changed. I just need a new approach.
* Do my development on my Clie directly and forget about Applet classes and POSE emulators. The problem with this is that it's my only PDA, and I can't risk data loss. My "life" is on that thing. So I have to make complete backups every time I want to run my rookie code, which as far as I know, may be a Palm wrecking ball.
* Develop for a Palm simulator configured for a HiRes (320x320) Palm OS5 device like the T|E. Then convert the app to work on the Clie afterwards when I know better what I'm doing. The only problem with this is that I really enjoy having my PDA showing the results of the code, and there's no guarantees I can convert for Clie afterwards anyway.

Well, I'm going to explore how expensive the T|E route would be tonite. But what makes more sense is to program for the T|E simulator, so that's my plan. Then it should, hopefully, be an easy port to a newer Palm when I buy my next model. Apparently SuperWaba and Sony don't play well together. Kinda like the SuperWaba community and me, I guess!

Anyone out there feeling sorry for me yet???!!!! Well, don't bother. I'll find a way to make this work. It's just a silly program, how hard can it be?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Documentations sucks, support almost does not exist...but there ar not to many other options if you do want to develop a cross platform app.

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